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Fuel Test kits

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ethanol alcohol fuel testers


Now you can see how good the gas is at your local station and find the best gas available with this inexpensive fuel alcohol measurement device.  My products are guaranteed 100% satisfaction or your money back.

This listing is for one fuel alcohol measurement device complete with threaded cap so you can store the vial with contents inside. No messy rubber cork to worry about
It is  simple to use no complicated  accessories to go with it just follow instructions to find how much alcohol or ethanol is contained in the fuel. indicator reads  from 50 - 100%
ethanol decreases mpg performance as well as attacking vital fuel system components protect your vehicle now by testing the fuel you put in it.
You will need a generic ketchup bottle to go from the fuel pump to the tester which you can buy at local walmart for about $1 or online for less than a dollar.
I have versions which read lower content if desired please contact me.

e-10 tester 35% max

e-85 tester

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